Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Summary of DCS110 D1S1

My first class in Class CSC 119 was on 6 Jan. 2009
Our lecturer was not Pn. Zuriati as we had been told but En. ABDUL MALIK MOHD RICK..
He will be teaching us this subject till the end of this semester.

In this first class we had an introduction session with him.
Then, we start learning the first chapter which we learn about information system that consist of 5 part that are; people, procedures, software, hardware, and data. We also learned about 3 kinds of system software programs also basic and specialized applications software. Besides that, we know about hardware that computers have 4 types which are supercomputer, mainframe, minicomputer, and microcomputer. All of us also learned about data, computer connectivity, the wireless revolution, and the Internet.

After that, En. Malik gave us 2 assignment that we had to creat our own blog and to do research on the evolution of computers and the history of Internet.

On 8 Jan 2009, we had a class. This time we learned about binary and decimal numbers which is been used in computer programming. We used our MAth knowledge this time and we learned how to convert binary numbers to decimal numbers and the other way around.

Today, on 12 Jan we gonna have a class but only for an hour. On our next class, we started learned chapter 2. It’s about THE INTERNET, THE WEB AND ELECTRONIC COMMERCE.

I’ve learned about the history and creation of the Internet and the web. The internet was launched in 1969 with ARPANET and consists of the actual physical network made of wires, cables, and satellites. The web was introduced in 1992 at CERN and web provides a multimedia interface to internet resources. It has many uses but there are several most common uses which are for communicating, shopping, searching, entertainment and education or e-learning.
We learned about how we actually get access to the Internet from our computer. There are internet service providers that connected to the Internet and the most widely used ISPs are national and wireless. Connection technologies include dial-up, DSL, cable, and wireless modems. Instead of that, browsers use to access the Web allowing you to surf or explore. to get access to the web we must have URLs that are locations or addresses to web resources ; 2 parts are protocol and domain name; top level domain (TLD) identifies type of organization. HTML is a command to display Web pages; hyperlinks (links) are connection. Also there is Applet which is a special program linked to Web pages; typically written in Java.

Communication is some example that we can use with the Internet. E-mail (electronic mail) is the transmission of electronic messages. Basic elements: header, messages, and signature line. One thing about e-mail is sometimes it is attached to spam that is unwanted and unsolicited e-mail that may include a computer virus. But there are spam blockers, programs that identify and eliminate spam.Instant Messaging (IM) is also an example of communication that we use today. IM extends e-mail to support live communication with friends. Universal instant messagers support communication with other services.One of the fastest-growing uses of the Internet is social networking. There are 3 basic categories of social networking sites; Reuniting (e.g.: Classmate Online & Face book), Friend-of-a-friend (e.g.: Friendster & Myspace), and Common interest (e.g.: Flickr, Linkedln, and Meetup).

Search tools are one of the main parts while using the Internet. This search services operate Web sites that can locate the information we need and maintain huge databases relating to Web sites content. Spiders are programs that update these databases.We use search engines to locate information on the Web and there are 2 ways to use it which are using keyword search and directory search. Examples of search engines are Yahoo! and Google. Metasearch engines submit several search engines simultaneously and examples of metasearch engines are Dogpile, Ixquick and Metacrawler.Specialized Search Engines focus on subject specific Web sites also about the content evaluation that we should consider the following criteria to evaluate the accuracy of information on the Web: authority, accuracy, objectivity and currency.

Electronic commerce also known as e-commerce is the buying and selling of things and goods over the Internet. There are 3 basic types of electronic commerce; Business-to- consumer (B2C) and it is most widely use in online banking, online stock trading and online shopping. The second one is consumer-to-consumer (C2C) that only involves individuals selling to individuals. It can be used in auction house sites and person-to-person auction sites. The last one is business-to-business that involves the sales of a product of service from one business to another.Security is the greatest challenge for e-commerce development and 3 basic options are check, credit card, and digital cash.

Web Utilities are specialized utility programs that make using the Internet and the Web easier and safer.Web-based application free users from owning and storing application. The programs are accessed from a web site, copied to the user’s computer memory and run.FTP (file transfer protocol) is an Internet standard for transferring files. Downloading is the process of receiving a file from another computer. Uploading is the process of sending a file to another computer.Plug-ins is automatically loaded and operates as part of a browser. Many Web sites require specific plug-ins to fully experience their content. Filters are used by parents and organization to block certain sites and to monitor use of the Internet and the Web.Internet Security Suites is a collection of utility programs designed to protect our privacy and security on the Internet.

After finished chapter 2, on the next class we go on to the next chapter that is BASIC APPLICATION SOFTWARE.

Application software focuses on completing specific tasks or applications and there are basic application and specialized applications.Common features of most application program including Microsoft Office 2003 are user interface, windows, menus, dialog box toolbar. In 2007 Microsoft Office has some extra interface to make it easier o find and use application features such as ribbons that replace menus and toolbar, contextual tabs and galleries. some application also support speech recognition by allowing voice input.

Word processors allow us to create, edit, save, and print text-based documents. Examples of word processors are Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect and Lotus Word Pro. Features in the word processors are word wrap and editing which include Thesaurus, Find and replace, Spelling and grammar checkers. Formatting features include Font, character effects and bulleted and numbered lists.
Spreadsheet programs organize, analyzed, and graph numeric data. Examples of spreadsheet programs are Microsoft Excel, Corel Quattro Pro and Lotus 1-2-3. Features that includes in this programs are workbook files, worksheet, cells, text entries (labels), formulas, range, analytical graphs, recalculation and what-if analysis.
A database is a collection of related data. Database management systems (DBMS), also known as database manager, structures a database and provides tools for entering, editing and retrieving data. Examples of DBMS are Microsoft Access, Corel Paradox and Lotus Approach. Principal database management system features include the relational database, tables, sort, query, forms and reports.
Presentation graphics are programs that combine a variety of visual objects to create attractive, visually interesting presentations. Examples of presentation graphics programs are Microsoft Power Point, Corel Presentation and Lotus Freelance Graphics. Features in the principal of these programs are slides, auto content wizard, design templates and master slides.

An integrated package is a single program that provides the functionality of a word processor, spreadsheet, database manager and more. Some important characteristics are function less expensive, simple to use and popular with home users.

A software suite is a collection of individual application packages sold together. It is suites to productivity that is for business, personal (home), specialized and utility also.


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