Thursday, January 29, 2009

My First Ever Mid Term Break..

I actually got home on 25 Jan. This is becuz I had to settle the PTPTN problem..huhu
and on the nite of 24, my room was blackout. I had to sleep without lite and in hot that nite.
On the next day, I got home by bus and it really was tiring. But at least, I've got to meet my family again..

On Monday, I hanged out with my friends in Kluang Mall and Kluang Parade.
It's been almost a month I didn't saw them but it only juz a while becuz my parents wants to balik kampung that evening. My hometown is in Melaka and Muar, but there was nothing I can do at kampung only meet my grandparents and relatives.

On Wednesday, I've got home and went to my old workplace to meet my frens there.
On the next day, I went to the bank to settle my BSN card problem and then went to find information on my assignment about CTU.
The next day, I went to the town to hanged out with my best fren eva,NAI and then finished my CSC 119 assignment that was given by En. Malik..hehe..
On Saturday, my ***** and I went to the town to celebrate his birthday. Since I'm not always be with him, that's the day I spent my time with him alone...hahaha!!

Well,on Sunday that is my last day with my family. I went back to UiTM and was sent by my parents. Then my life as U student have start again..

And this is what u really want to know about what i'd been doing during my mid term break.
This is what u want, rite...? So, there you have it.. ;)


siti fahima ibrahim kong said...


MR.Fairus said...

warh. dating yerk??

daya said...

you sill do it sir malik assigment but he doesn't komem u...
but he komen me...
best yer tapi satu je ko lupe birthday akuuuuu
sedih nyerrrrr
tak pe aku tutut hadiah nanti

de pape KOMEN??