Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Evolution of Computers

Since early 1940s, computers have been evolve until now in 20th century. This evolution will never stop as time pass everyday.On 1940s a digital electronic computer was made consist of 300 vacuum tubes to store information. Then from 300 tubes 5000 tubes were used and then 18000 tubes for not only stored program but also list of instruction to excute.

At first,there were only mainframe computers. It was actually a computer system cabinet that housed its central processor and main memory. This type of computer had the central processor and main memory were housed together as to increase the processing speeds and improving reliability.

Then, supercomputer was born. This type of computer is the most powerful computer of any time also the most high-speed, high perfomance, high-end computer and most recent.It is a large computer or collection of computers that act as one large computer capable of processing enormous amounts of data. Supercomputers are used for very complex jobs such as nuclear research or collecting and calculating weather patterns.

In 1960s minicomputer was invented to replaced large expensive mainframe. It was much smaller digital computers whose price and functionality were suitable to meet the need of smaller application. It was used in biomedical control for experiment monitoring and also were used industrial applications.

Microcomputer was made on 1970s then which is more complete system containing not only the CPU logic, but also memory for storing program and data with input/output interfaces for exchanging data with peripheral devices.The earliest model was came in as little 256 bytes of RAM without input/output devices. On 1979, many companies produced a system designed either for a resourceful end user or consulting firm to deliver business systems such as accounting, database management, and word processing to small businesses.As the power of the desktop computer for personal use increase, it has attracted many software developers. As microcomputer have been upgrade, many machines were invented such as modern desktop computers, video games console, laptop computers, tablet PC and many types of handheld devices, including phones and pocket calculators, as well as industrial embedded system.


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